Sneaking into the life of boy aged 8

It is not a regular blog… today I am narrating a diary entry of an 8-years-old boy who lives near the border area. He says his area has heavy security but still unsafe. Regular crimes like robbery, accidents, murders which happens every day in cities and villages, isn’t regular at his place; but what happens here doesn’t happen in rest of the world usual to bombing, firing and assassinations.
The situation is next to living in hell, with every passing second welcoming threat of terror. He says- when his mother goes out to get vegetables or regular items, he is scared whether she return alive or not. When he sleeps at night on his mother’s laps, he wake to the nightmares with his house and surroundings destroyed.
As a kid you are advised not to make friends with strangers, but in his town they are advised not to make friends at all. Little do they know who is living in their neighbourhood, a civilian or a disguised terrorist?
Sooner he understood of the occurrences around him. He often asks his parents how this could be stopped and every time he gets the same answer, army is doing their work, soon everything will be fine. And he asks himself a question- when that ‘soon’ will come?
At an age of just eight, he has decided to join the army, so his country can live in peace. Many people have this dream of joining army, some get inspired from their family members who are serving in the army while others love the feeling of having some action and thrill in their lives; whereas there are fewer like him, who love their country and people wishing to do their bit for them.
However, not many people get the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. If you are the one, who always wanted to be a soldier, if you also had a sensation to join the army but didn’t, here you have a chance to live your dream.
LogFlip, a gaming company has released its game- 1965-WAR game, inspired from the real 1965 Indo-Pak war. It is a 3D war game, which will transport you to the time when battle was fought between India and Pakistan in 1965, also known as the second Kashmir war. Soon after the partition of the two nations in 1947, the control of Kashmir has always been a reason of conflict between the two neighbours.
In this 3D war game characters come alive, looks very clear & colourful. You are going to witness a real life war situation and game will take you through lots of experiences. 3D war games have great visuals, gives you the feeling that you are actually present there in the battlefield.
This is a third person shooter game, which brings the battlefield next to you. The game has five campaigns with a total of seventy missions as each campaign holds a new mystery.

If you wanted to be a soldier but didn’t or you are soldier missing the front line, it’s your time to get in action. Get the game, grab your guns and throw out some real action.



First Person Shooter vs. Third Person Shooter: Experience the Change?

If you are a devoted video game lover then you are sure to agree that a player’s perspective makes huge difference in the gaming mode. Of all the shooting games, a majority of them are either first person shooter or third person shooter.

The biggest difference between the two, with respect to the interface is the player’s vision while the game is on. In first person shooter, the players witness the surroundings from the perspective of the character, whereas in a third person shooter an avatar replaces the player’s perspective.

In the section below, we will talk about the differences, advantages and the disadvantages between the first person and the third person shooter game.

Third Person Shooter Game

A first person shooter game allows the player experience the gaming reality sensed from its own perspective. The viewing mode forms either the sight of the protagonists or the marking of the weapon. However in any third person shooter game, the player views the action from a distance. The perspective forms an avatar or a character in the environment, provided with camera angles set above and slightly behind the avatar to offer the real-time gaming experience.


A first person shooter game gives you a reality check. But hey, what can be more natural than a 3 dimensional gaming mode while you play it on your smart phone. This comes with a third person shooter. Characters are easy to control in third person shooter games unlike a virtual perception of the mark. The player can see where the character is going, placing movements in context. The field of vision is greater and more closely resembles what a person would normally see. The above all lacks in any first person shooter game.

It is easier to spot enemies behind the character. In addition, the player is more aware of where the character is in the game. When playing a first-person shooter game it is easy to get lost in the virtual environment. Seeing the character from a distance simplifies navigation a great deal. It is also easier to jump as the player can judge the distance more effectively.

BattlefieldLogFlip is set to launch their new third person shooter: 1965-WAR Game. It is an action packed 3D game based on real Indo-Pak war of 1965.


First-person shooter games have a number of drawbacks. Players may find it difficult to control their characters. It is important to consider how the character moves and the complexity of commands during game play. The platform that the game is played on makes a difference, as PC gamers have a mouse that can be used to aim and shoot quickly and accurately, whereas other platforms may not.

However third person shooter game has only one disadvantage and that is player may feel somewhat detached as action is taking place at a distance.

Choosing between the mode of game could be a challenge for a gamer as both modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. By reading above points one can easily make a choice and can get their game.

1965-WAR Game: Never dying spirit of fighting

Logflip presents 1965-WAR Game, a 3D game set on the timeline of war between India and Pakistan. The war zone let you dive deep into the extremities the two nations were facing while their armies were battling with their available force.

Shooting Game Does the thought of gaming wake you up from your dream? If yes, then this 3D Game will prevent you from sound sleep until you quest your hover over the missions you are battling in. The mysteries coming your way will redefine the hardship an army faces while they stride through geographical terrains impossible to ride. The weather abnormalities make it worse to resist survival.

The 1965-WAR Game is an amalgamation of true fighting spirit with the objective of sustenance. Spread over 5 campaigns with 70 missions, each mission unfolds hurdles that restrict the army from entering and taking over various fronts.

The game sets tune of climatic variations, different locations (rising from mountains, villages, marshy terrains, bridges) along with tricks to lead the secrecy of an army attack.

While you lead the army; refine your skills as the game tests your mental ability to the core along with the reflex moves.

Come experience the joy of playing the classic historian 1965-WAR Game onset of Indo-Pak war.

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The War Game: Going to Hit the Right Spot?

The upcoming 1965-WAR Game is a perfect answer for the excited people to get their adrenaline pumping.

The third-person shooter game gives you a chance to experience high intensity gun fights and tank battles. The game transports you to the battle fought between India and Pakistan in 1965.

1965 War GameThe shooting game is the perfect fit for action junkies and historians. The war game will remind you of all the sacrifices that our brave soldiers had made so that we could live in peace.

A lot goes into a successful battle on the 1965-WAR Game. In the shooting game, you’ll learn about the places where the war took place.

The 3D game has a great roster of characters, each with a unique design and playstyle. As a player you employ a number of tools to aid your character on the battlefield.

The game will give you the freedom to fight your way as both Pakistani armed personnel and Indian army personnel. Tactics, patriotism and much more are waiting for you in this game.

The sniper shooting game has enough twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seats. The game has enough mysteries to erase your curiosity.

Through the game, we are introducing you to the experience that combines fast-paced action with the dramatically charged moments of a cinematic universe.

The free war game is your next-generation competitive title that blurs the lines between traditional online shooters and single-player campaign.

1965-WAR Game promises you the epic adventure packed with lots of mysteries.

Exclusive Trailer of 1965-WAR Game

With over a week left for the launch of the 1965-WAR Game, we have come out with an exclusive trailer for you.

The trailer lets you get a feel of what you can expect from the game.

The name might get you excited, but the trailer is sufficient enough to pump up your adrenaline in wait for the war game.

The game is an action packed third-person shooter game which let you experience high intensity of gun and tank battles. Here you get into the role of an elite soldier who is fighting to save his motherland.

The 1965-WAR Game has enough twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seats. Tactics, patriotism and much more are waiting for you in this game.

The game transports you to the time when battle was fought between India and Pakistan in 1965, which is known to be the second Kashmir war.

The game is a great interpretation of what 1965 war was and how it had been fought. Game has five different campaigns with seventy missions. As you pass by each mission, you get to see a different mystery each of the missions holds. Each campaign sails you through the different environment.

The game is set to remind us of all the sacrifices that our brave soldiers had made so that we could live in peace.

1965-WAR Game promises you the epic adventure packed with lots of mysteries.

Five Things to Know About the 1965-WAR Game

1965-WAR Game –

The game is inspired from real Indo-Pakistan war of 1965. It is going to be released in March and you will be able to read our official review before the release. In the meantime we want to share a few of the most important bits of information about the game.

Third Person Shooter Game:

Third Person Shooter GamePlayer’s perspective can make all the difference in shooting games. In third person shooter game, players view the action from distance. Characters are a lot easier to control in such games. Gamers have a broader and clearer field of vision.


1965-War Game - Map 11965 Indo-Pakistan war happened in various regions of the country. In 1965-WAR game, we tried to reinvent the situation by creating battlefield similar to that of a real war. There are various elements in 1965-WAR battlefield ranging from desert scenery to deep forests. The players encounter different geographical terrains like rickety bridges, quaint towns, bunkers and many more in this game.

Game Modes:

1965 War Game Modes You want to play 1965-WAR game but don’t want to commit to a full game. You can always go to challenge mode and can play at your pace. In this mode, you can earn coins which can be further used to buy weapons from the store.


Store of 1965-WAR GaneOne can buy classic weapons from the 1965-WAR game store by using the coins earned in challenge and campaign mode. Later players can use those weapons to turn down their enemies. The store has a wide range of weapons including guns used in 1965 Indo-Pak war. Game also gives you the choice to play with your favorite character. Anytime you can turn yourself into a Major or a Captain and can lead your army.

Tank Battle:

Tank Battle GameReal 1965 war is known for its tank War and now even you can experience this epic battle in 1965-WAR game. Tank fighting is one of the interesting segments of this game. Logflip gives you the chance to relive this heroic battle in our game.

1965-WAR Game: Little Sneak Peek Before Release (Part 1)

1965-WAR Game which is going to be released soon, here Logflip gives you the little sneak peek into the game. This blog will take you all the way to the launch of the 1965-WAR game and will let you know about all the excited things you can experience here.

One of the great features of this game that is an amazing section of tank battle. This is something which differentiates 1965-WAR Game over other war games. The battlefield is designed in such a way that it continues to build the curiosity among the players, making them more eager to know what is going to happen next. It gives you the feeling that you are fighting on the real borders.

1965-WAR 3D Game

                                           1965-WAR 3D Game –

Visuals and the sound quality is the next great thing you will notice about the game which has definitely raised it to the other level. Promos are already out on the YouTube and Facebook pages, once can see it there. From the promos it looks like makers have the simple agenda while making the game:

“Expect the Impossible”

The game will unfold lots of twists and turns, extreme mode of performance is required to survive.

To know more about the game, wait for the next blog.

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