1965-WAR Game: Little Sneak Peek Before Release (Part 1)

1965-WAR Game which is going to be released soon, here Logflip gives you the little sneak peek into the game. This blog will take you all the way to the launch of the 1965-WAR game and will let you know about all the excited things you can experience here.

One of the great features of this game that is an amazing section of tank battle. This is something which differentiates 1965-WAR Game over other war games. The battlefield is designed in such a way that it continues to build the curiosity among the players, making them more eager to know what is going to happen next. It gives you the feeling that you are fighting on the real borders.

1965-WAR 3D Game

                                           1965-WAR 3D Game – http://www.1965war.com

Visuals and the sound quality is the next great thing you will notice about the game which has definitely raised it to the other level. Promos are already out on the YouTube and Facebook pages, once can see it there. From the promos it looks like makers have the simple agenda while making the game:

“Expect the Impossible”

The game will unfold lots of twists and turns, extreme mode of performance is required to survive.

To know more about the game, wait for the next blog.

For more information, visit –  http://www.1965war.com


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