Five Things to Know About the 1965-WAR Game

1965-WAR Game –

The game is inspired from real Indo-Pakistan war of 1965. It is going to be released in March and you will be able to read our official review before the release. In the meantime we want to share a few of the most important bits of information about the game.

Third Person Shooter Game:

Third Person Shooter GamePlayer’s perspective can make all the difference in shooting games. In third person shooter game, players view the action from distance. Characters are a lot easier to control in such games. Gamers have a broader and clearer field of vision.


1965-War Game - Map 11965 Indo-Pakistan war happened in various regions of the country. In 1965-WAR game, we tried to reinvent the situation by creating battlefield similar to that of a real war. There are various elements in 1965-WAR battlefield ranging from desert scenery to deep forests. The players encounter different geographical terrains like rickety bridges, quaint towns, bunkers and many more in this game.

Game Modes:

1965 War Game Modes You want to play 1965-WAR game but don’t want to commit to a full game. You can always go to challenge mode and can play at your pace. In this mode, you can earn coins which can be further used to buy weapons from the store.


Store of 1965-WAR GaneOne can buy classic weapons from the 1965-WAR game store by using the coins earned in challenge and campaign mode. Later players can use those weapons to turn down their enemies. The store has a wide range of weapons including guns used in 1965 Indo-Pak war. Game also gives you the choice to play with your favorite character. Anytime you can turn yourself into a Major or a Captain and can lead your army.

Tank Battle:

Tank Battle GameReal 1965 war is known for its tank War and now even you can experience this epic battle in 1965-WAR game. Tank fighting is one of the interesting segments of this game. Logflip gives you the chance to relive this heroic battle in our game.


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