Exclusive Trailer of 1965-WAR Game

With over a week left for the launch of the 1965-WAR Game, we have come out with an exclusive trailer for you.

The trailer lets you get a feel of what you can expect from the game.

The name might get you excited, but the trailer is sufficient enough to pump up your adrenaline in wait for the war game.

The game is an action packed third-person shooter game which let you experience high intensity of gun and tank battles. Here you get into the role of an elite soldier who is fighting to save his motherland.

The 1965-WAR Game has enough twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seats. Tactics, patriotism and much more are waiting for you in this game.

The game transports you to the time when battle was fought between India and Pakistan in 1965, which is known to be the second Kashmir war.

The game is a great interpretation of what 1965 war was and how it had been fought. Game has five different campaigns with seventy missions. As you pass by each mission, you get to see a different mystery each of the missions holds. Each campaign sails you through the different environment.

The game is set to remind us of all the sacrifices that our brave soldiers had made so that we could live in peace.

1965-WAR Game promises you the epic adventure packed with lots of mysteries.