1965-WAR Game: Never dying spirit of fighting

Logflip presents 1965-WAR Game, a 3D game set on the timeline of war between India and Pakistan. The war zone let you dive deep into the extremities the two nations were facing while their armies were battling with their available force.

Shooting Game Does the thought of gaming wake you up from your dream? If yes, then this 3D Game will prevent you from sound sleep until you quest your hover over the missions you are battling in. The mysteries coming your way will redefine the hardship an army faces while they stride through geographical terrains impossible to ride. The weather abnormalities make it worse to resist survival.

The 1965-WAR Game is an amalgamation of true fighting spirit with the objective of sustenance. Spread over 5 campaigns with 70 missions, each mission unfolds hurdles that restrict the army from entering and taking over various fronts.

The game sets tune of climatic variations, different locations (rising from mountains, villages, marshy terrains, bridges) along with tricks to lead the secrecy of an army attack.

While you lead the army; refine your skills as the game tests your mental ability to the core along with the reflex moves.

Come experience the joy of playing the classic historian 1965-WAR Game onset of Indo-Pak war.

For more information you can visit – http://www.1965-war.com


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