The War Game: Going to Hit the Right Spot?

The upcoming 1965-WAR Game is a perfect answer for the excited people to get their adrenaline pumping.

The third-person shooter game gives you a chance to experience high intensity gun fights and tank battles. The game transports you to the battle fought between India and Pakistan in 1965.

1965 War GameThe shooting game is the perfect fit for action junkies and historians. The war game will remind you of all the sacrifices that our brave soldiers had made so that we could live in peace.

A lot goes into a successful battle on the 1965-WAR Game. In the shooting game, you’ll learn about the places where the war took place.

The 3D game has a great roster of characters, each with a unique design and playstyle. As a player you employ a number of tools to aid your character on the battlefield.

The game will give you the freedom to fight your way as both Pakistani armed personnel and Indian army personnel. Tactics, patriotism and much more are waiting for you in this game.

The sniper shooting game has enough twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seats. The game has enough mysteries to erase your curiosity.

Through the game, we are introducing you to the experience that combines fast-paced action with the dramatically charged moments of a cinematic universe.

The free war game is your next-generation competitive title that blurs the lines between traditional online shooters and single-player campaign.

1965-WAR Game promises you the epic adventure packed with lots of mysteries.


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