First Person Shooter vs. Third Person Shooter: Experience the Change?

If you are a devoted video game lover then you are sure to agree that a player’s perspective makes huge difference in the gaming mode. Of all the shooting games, a majority of them are either first person shooter or third person shooter.

The biggest difference between the two, with respect to the interface is the player’s vision while the game is on. In first person shooter, the players witness the surroundings from the perspective of the character, whereas in a third person shooter an avatar replaces the player’s perspective.

In the section below, we will talk about the differences, advantages and the disadvantages between the first person and the third person shooter game.

Third Person Shooter Game

A first person shooter game allows the player experience the gaming reality sensed from its own perspective. The viewing mode forms either the sight of the protagonists or the marking of the weapon. However in any third person shooter game, the player views the action from a distance. The perspective forms an avatar or a character in the environment, provided with camera angles set above and slightly behind the avatar to offer the real-time gaming experience.


A first person shooter game gives you a reality check. But hey, what can be more natural than a 3 dimensional gaming mode while you play it on your smart phone. This comes with a third person shooter. Characters are easy to control in third person shooter games unlike a virtual perception of the mark. The player can see where the character is going, placing movements in context. The field of vision is greater and more closely resembles what a person would normally see. The above all lacks in any first person shooter game.

It is easier to spot enemies behind the character. In addition, the player is more aware of where the character is in the game. When playing a first-person shooter game it is easy to get lost in the virtual environment. Seeing the character from a distance simplifies navigation a great deal. It is also easier to jump as the player can judge the distance more effectively.

BattlefieldLogFlip is set to launch their new third person shooter: 1965-WAR Game. It is an action packed 3D game based on real Indo-Pak war of 1965.


First-person shooter games have a number of drawbacks. Players may find it difficult to control their characters. It is important to consider how the character moves and the complexity of commands during game play. The platform that the game is played on makes a difference, as PC gamers have a mouse that can be used to aim and shoot quickly and accurately, whereas other platforms may not.

However third person shooter game has only one disadvantage and that is player may feel somewhat detached as action is taking place at a distance.

Choosing between the mode of game could be a challenge for a gamer as both modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. By reading above points one can easily make a choice and can get their game.


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