Sneaking into the life of boy aged 8

It is not a regular blog… today I am narrating a diary entry of an 8-years-old boy who lives near the border area. He says his area has heavy security but still unsafe. Regular crimes like robbery, accidents, murders which happens every day in cities and villages, isn’t regular at his place; but what happens here doesn’t happen in rest of the world usual to bombing, firing and assassinations.
The situation is next to living in hell, with every passing second welcoming threat of terror. He says- when his mother goes out to get vegetables or regular items, he is scared whether she return alive or not. When he sleeps at night on his mother’s laps, he wake to the nightmares with his house and surroundings destroyed.
As a kid you are advised not to make friends with strangers, but in his town they are advised not to make friends at all. Little do they know who is living in their neighbourhood, a civilian or a disguised terrorist?
Sooner he understood of the occurrences around him. He often asks his parents how this could be stopped and every time he gets the same answer, army is doing their work, soon everything will be fine. And he asks himself a question- when that ‘soon’ will come?
At an age of just eight, he has decided to join the army, so his country can live in peace. Many people have this dream of joining army, some get inspired from their family members who are serving in the army while others love the feeling of having some action and thrill in their lives; whereas there are fewer like him, who love their country and people wishing to do their bit for them.
However, not many people get the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. If you are the one, who always wanted to be a soldier, if you also had a sensation to join the army but didn’t, here you have a chance to live your dream.
LogFlip, a gaming company has released its game- 1965-WAR game, inspired from the real 1965 Indo-Pak war. It is a 3D war game, which will transport you to the time when battle was fought between India and Pakistan in 1965, also known as the second Kashmir war. Soon after the partition of the two nations in 1947, the control of Kashmir has always been a reason of conflict between the two neighbours.
In this 3D war game characters come alive, looks very clear & colourful. You are going to witness a real life war situation and game will take you through lots of experiences. 3D war games have great visuals, gives you the feeling that you are actually present there in the battlefield.
This is a third person shooter game, which brings the battlefield next to you. The game has five campaigns with a total of seventy missions as each campaign holds a new mystery.

If you wanted to be a soldier but didn’t or you are soldier missing the front line, it’s your time to get in action. Get the game, grab your guns and throw out some real action.