War usually ends up in destruction, death, horror and sadness and 1965 Indo-Pakistan war was no different. Memories and pain still lies in the head of the people. But in those memories there are people who feel proud to have died for their motherland.

If you too want to experience the excitement of the dauntless soldier, 1965-War game can give you that. Here you can feel the victories brave deeds and unsullied colors of heroism and triumph.

1965 War 3D game promises you a journey full of adventure. Victories, patriotism, horror, sadness all you can experience here. It is an action packed third person shooter game where you can experience high octane gun and tank battles.

1965 War 3D game is great interpretation of what 1965 war was and how it was fought. Game has five campaigns with 70 missions. As you passes by you will realize each mission holds a different mystery and in each campaign you will go through the different environment.

The game will bring back the patriotic feeling which we sometimes forget in this fast running life. It will also remind us all the sacrifices our brave soldiers made and are still making by staying in the borders up all night and fighting for us, so that we could live in peace.

The game promises you the epic adventure filled with lots of mysteries. So what are you waiting for, just get the game and jump into action.

For more information visit – http://www.1965war.com



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